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How to Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Knives

By David Burke

Even if you turned over a little lot of money for a set of premium stainless-steel blades one way or another rust areas will certainly appear, even the best kitchen knives will certainly rust if they are not looked after and preserved correctly.

Among the top reasons why corrosion starts to show up on kitchen blades is to how you clean them. For example, the majority of the very best kitchen knives must never ever be put in a dish washer or left taking in the kitchen area sink for extended amount of times and you need to never put kitchen area blades away if they are not totally dry. Adhering to simply these few simple actions should virtually get rid of any type of corrosion areas from forming on your kitchen knives.

Nevertheless, if you have found rust on your stainless-steel knives do not worry, for the most part if you capture the rust early it can be eliminated in the house easily and also swiftly with usual products found in your kitchen cabinets or affordable cleaning products you can locate on the internet or at your residence depot store.

Prior to we continue lets cover exactly what rust is as well as just how corrosion shows up on stainless-steel knives.

How Does Rust Get on Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives?

Among the most usual reasons for corrosion on your kitchen blades is extended direct exposure to water. Corrosion is generally the end-result of oxidation of iron. So any type of steel which contains iron, including steel will be prone to rust.

Tip: crude heavy metal searching pads used for cleansing can damage your kitchen area knives which in-turn will make them rust.

The iron located in the metal bonds with oxygen atoms existing in water which in-turn kinds a layer of iron oxide or much better referred to as corrosion. So leaving your cooking area blades taking in water is just throwing down the gauntlet. If your kitchen area knives have any kind of deep abrasions or scrapes this is additionally a perfect breeding ground for rust, so make certain they are fully completely dry before placing them away.

Best Way to Remove Rust from Your Knive

My leading pointers for getting rid of corrosion from your kitchen area blades. Try a few of these and let me understand exactly how you hop on.

✓ Potato


Yes you heard me right; the simple potato is a terrific natural corrosion remover. The oxalic acid located in the potato helps to remove corrosion. Simply place the blade of your corroded blade inside of a whole potato and then leave it over night or for 8 to 12 hrs. As soon as you get rid of the blade the rust areas ought to be easy to clean or delicately scrub away.

✓ Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Acid discovered in fresh all-natural lemon juice aids to loosen the corrosion on blades making easy for you to then clean or carefully scrub off. Just fill out a glass with fresh lemon juice as well as area your rustic knives inside the option for about 5 to 10 minutes or longer depending on the extent of the corrosion.

✓ Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is found in practically every home across the globe as well as its uses in your home are actually undervalued. When it concerns eliminating corrosion from blades merely mix enough sodium bicarbonate with water to develop a sticky paste as well as apply freely to your corroded blade. After that using a non-abrasive kitchen area scouring pad delicately rub in circular movements on the impacted locations.

✓ Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend

This is an amazing product that can be utilized to clean nearly any metal surface. For minor corrosion areas you can sprinkle some of the powder directly onto the knife blade and after that take a moist towel as well as massage the rust areas. For tough to eliminate rust you can mix the powder with water to make a sticky paste as well as relate to the corrosion areas and leave it for 20 to half an hour and after that wipe away.

Depending upon just how tough the corrosion is to eliminate you can repeat this as lot of times as essential to entirely remove the corrosion from you knives.

✓ Vinegar


This is a wonderful non-toxic house product that does an outstanding work of eliminating rust from stainless-steel. Apple cider vinegar is the best to make use of for removing rust, just pour some vinegar right into a glass and location in your rustic blades to saturate over night or for 8 to 12 hrs and afterwards wipe or delicately scrub away the rust.

Wrapping up

If you blades are really packed with rust it’s possibly time to search for some brand-new cooking area blades. Even though there are some more extreme ways to get rid of rust from knives it will involve sending them out to an expert where they can grind away the rust or perhaps utilize electrolysis, which can be expensive.

The best method to stop rust ruining your ideal kitchen area blades is to prevent it also creating. Always hand clean your blades and also hand completely dry them. Never place them in a dish washer, even if the supplier says you can. And never leave them taking in the kitchen area sink for long periods of time, it’s completely great to do so if you have stubborn food then will not come off the blade yet simply ensure you do not leave them to long.

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